Alabama Launches New Personhood Amendment

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On February 24th, Alabama Representative Ed Henry (R) introduced a bill (HB300) calling for an amendment to the Alabama Constitution recognizing that all prenatal children are persons under the law. The proposed amendment declares that:

 The term “persons” as used in the Code of Alabama 1975, shall include any human being from the moment of fertilization or the functional equivalent thereof.

HB300 already has 37 sponsors in the House and several senators have pledged to sponsor companion legislation in the Senate. Constitutional amendments require a three-fifths majority from both houses before being submitted for a vote of the people. This means that Rep. Henry’s bill will need support from 63 members of the House of Representatives and 21 Senators.  Please contact your senators and representatives today to encourage them to vote for this amendment.

HB300 is currently being reviewed by the House Health Committee chaired by April Weaver (R) of Shelby County. The members of the committee include Mike Millican (R), John Knight (D), Elaine Beech (D), Danny Crawford (R), Matt Fridy (R), Laura Hall (D), Ron Johnson (R), Paul W. Lee (R), Arnold Mooney (R), Becky Nordgren (R), Pebblin W. Warren (D), and Jack W. Williams (R). It is vitally important that we contact these committee members and urge them to approve HB300 as it is currently written.

We expect HB300 to receive great opposition from in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics throughout the state as well as the Birmingham based National Infertility Association (RESOLVE). RESOLVE has already pledged to lobby against the amendment and to force the Health Committee to change the amendment to only protect prenatal children after they have been implanted in the womb. This change would allow IVF clinics to continue the barbaric and completely unnecessary practice of killing “undesirable” children in the embryonic stage of life.

Click here to read Personhood Alabama’s Position Statement on In Vitro Fertilization.

We need your help!  Personhood Alabama does not have a paid lobbyist to defend HB300 against these attacks. Our organization is composed entirely of volunteers like you who donate their time and effort for the noble cause of protecting prenatal children. We need as many of you as possible to contact the members of the Health Committee not just once but many times to encourage them to do what they already know is the right thing to do. Approve HB300 as it is written! Please use the methods below to contact the members of the House Health Committee as often as you can.

April Weaver (R):  334-242-7731

Mike Millican (R):  334-242-7534

John Knight (D):  334-242-7512

Elaine Beech (D):  334-242-7702

Danny Crawford (R):  334-242-7600

Matt Fridy (R):  334-242-7775

Laura Hall (D):  334-242-7688

Ron Johnson (R):  334-242-7777

Paul W. Lee (R):  334-242-7675

Arnold Mooney (R):  334-242-7744

Becky Nordgren (R):  334-353-9032

Pebblin W. Warren (D):  334-242-7734

Jack W. Williams (R):  334-242-7694

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