Personhood Alabama in Huntsville


On Thursday, September 4th, Personhood Alabama held our first official fundraiser in the Huntsville area.  Our guest speaker was Steve Deace, host of the Steve Deace Show and president of Personhood Iowa.  Steve’s show is broadcast in Huntsville on WVNN from eight to midnight, and several of his listeners joined us for the event.


Unfortunately, Steve was not able to make it.  His flight out of Des Moines was delayed for several hours, and there was no way for him to join us in person.  So we did the next best thing and set up a video conference to allow Steve to speak to us from his studio in Iowa.


Attendees were able to interact with Steve during a question and answer segment, and the atmosphere was very encouraging in spite of the last minute changes.


We had about 75 people in attendance including a large number of teenagers, and everyone left encouraged to do more in the fight to end abortion in Alabama.


Refreshments for the evening were graciously provided by Belle Fleur of Huntsville, and Amanda Whitley volunteered her services as a photographer.


We would like to thank all of those who gave of their time to attend this event and make it a success, and we would especially like to thank those who gave of their finances as well.  The generosity of this small group far exceeded any hopes that we had for the evening, and we are now able to proceed with our efforts to get a personhood bill before our legislators in 2015.  If you would like to join with us in this endeavor, please consider making a recurring donation to Personhood Alabama through our Donate page.


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